Direct Support Services for Families in Need

7TH & Madison Rides Program with Lyft

Account Activation

Step 1. Lyft will send an invite email to all the email addresses you provided.

Step 2. Once linked, you can start using Lyft.

Step 3. Make sure 7TH & Madison Rides is selected as the payment option when confirming your ride (it will say “7TH & Madison Rides” right above the “Confirm Lyft” button).


There will be zero out-of-pocket expenses charged to you. Every week, you can review all your trips and sign-off on their accuracy. If everything appears accurate, just sign off and click finish.


Your ride budget does not include tips.

Canceled Rides

If you or the Lyft Driver cancel, you may order another Lyft. 7TH & Madison will deal with the cancellations after the ride is completed. You will never be charged for a canceled ride. When in doubt, cancel and start over.

“Everyone Gets Home” Policy

Safety first – that is the 7TH & Madison way. If you run out of miles in the middle of the day, you can always depend on our services. We never pause or terminate service in the middle of the day, guaranteeing no cost to the rider.


You will receive a weekly summary of your current mile usage. This tool helps you plan and track your service usage. You can also download a signed copy of your trips for your records.

Customer Assistance for Rides Program

You are in good hands with 7TH & Madison! If you want to report a questionable Lyft transaction or request your saved information, call us at (800) 936-3256 ext. 6 or fill out our contact form.

*** Please note, 7TH & Madison Extensions of Empowerment is a payment intermediary we are not Lyft. You will be using Lyft directly and are using their community of drivers.

7TH & Madison Rides Program With Lyft

This program was created to provide inclusive and convenient transportation for the general public. By collaborating with medical providers, community organizations, DDD, and Lyft, we can now successfully offer this service.

Economic Ride Fees

We charge a reasonable flat rate of $3.00 per mile regardless of the fees charged by Lyft. Therefore, if Lyft ride costs more, you no longer have to pay for the difference.

Support Coordination Services

This program ensures that our members have access to the Individualized Service Plan (ISP). Each member is appointed a support coordinator who shall be responsible for developing, maintaining, and monitoring the provisions in the ISP. The developed plans will be discussed with the member, their family, and other designated parties.

Community Based & Direct Support Services

Through Community Based Supports, Life Coaching, Affordable Housing Exploration, Assistive Technology, Supports Brokerage, Transportation Services, Community Inclusion Services, Financial Management Services, Interpreter Services, Pre-Vocational Training, Virtual Day Habilitation, Behavioral Management, Respite, Individual Supports, Supported Employment- Individual and Goods & Services; members receive guidance, support, and information in order to obtain their individual goals and outcomes. In addition, we clarify important details and provisions on housing options such as those under the Supportive Housing Program.

Career Planning

This program is a person-centered comprehensive employment planning and support service that provides assistance for Members to obtain, maintain or advance in competitive employment or self-employment. It's a focused, time-limited service that engages a participant in identifying a career direction and developing a plan for achieving competitive, integrated employment. Career Planning may be used to find other competitive employment more consistent with the participant's skills and interests, or to explore advancement opportunities in his/her chosen career.

Join Our Team

The ideal candidate for this position is someone who works independently and proactively in a close-knit team. If you are looking to join a growing company, this may be a great opportunity for you.